Shoulder Problems

Anyone who has ever experienced shoulder problems can describe the challenges associated with living with shoulder pain and dysfunction. Our shoulders do amazing work in our daily lives. The range of motion of the shoulder is unappreciated until we lose it due to lack of mobility or pain.

Standard shoulder rehabilitation is only partially effective. Most patients are left with limitations and pain that range from mild to severe. Dermal-Fascial Restoration℠ (DFR℠) has been shown to be extremely effective on the shoulder anatomy. Freeing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint of adhesive scar tissue enables the structures to return to health and mobility.

This is how we utilize the DFR to address the following conditions:

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Is a frozen shoulder really frozen? No, but the shoulder can certainly feel like it is frozen, painful and does not want to move.

Frozen shoulder, also adhesive capsulitis or periarthritis of the shoulder, does not happen overnight and is the result of a slow progression of tightness over the muscles surrounding the shoulder. What started as a minor ache or discomfort in the shoulder can lead to the inability to move the shoulder, pain with sleeping and dressing, and overall decrease in function.

Perhaps the biggest errors people make is waiting too long to treat their shoulder pain, thinking it will “go away” or “work itself out.” It is very important to address the problem either before it becomes frozen or at the first signs of decreased range of motion. We’ve found by first releasing the soft tissue adhesions and muscle adhesions around the shoulder aids in other methods of physical therapy treatment. Mettler Therapy combines our unique manual therapy method with other proven physical therapy treatments to help return your shoulder to optimal function.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Do you have pain in your shoulder when you move your arm over your head or when you try to sleep on that side? These are signs of a probable rotator cuff irritation that often sends pain into the top of the shoulder, shoulder blade and surrounding tissues.

Left unchecked, this pain can worsen and become very debilitating. When the muscles of the rotator cuff become strained with new or over-exerted activity, poor muscle balance and tissue tightness develops. This tightness can create worsening pain in the shoulder with movement or lifting of the arm. If this strain to the muscles continues, micro-tears can build up causing damage to the rotator cuff and decreased function.

The key ingredient to healing a rotator cuff strain and preventing rotator cuff damage is quick and proper treatment. At Mettler Therapy, we use DFR to quicken recovery time by releasing the abnormal tissue tightness while also focusing on the proper strengthening and stretching concepts.

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