Neck Problems

Common Cause of Neck Pain
More patients are experiencing neck problems than ever before, exacerbated by technology like smartphones, tablets and computers that can cause us to hold our necks in strained positions both at play and at work. These poor postures put undue pressure on the small joints and ligaments of the neck and over time, can cause mild inflammation in the tissues.

Over time, even mild inflammation can result in adhesive scar tissue forming in the relatively small space of the neck. These adhesions can block nerve pathways, limit muscle strength and mobility, and irritate tendons and ligaments. Dermal-Fascial Restoration℠ (DFR℠)¬†clears away these adhesions and restores the underlying tissues to health.

New Concepts in Treatment of Neck Pain
Most neck pain is due to adhesions which develop soon after an acute trauma or over longer periods of time from improper posture and biomechanics. Paul Mettler, PT, DPT, explains why restoring tissue is an essential first step to relieving neck pain, stiffness and headaches.

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