Read what actual patients say about Mettler Therapy Services and staff:

“The care I received was excellent. I am much better and grateful for the great stability I feel now.”
–Betty P.

“The MRT technique allowed freedom from scar tissue adhesions, decreasing pain and increasing flexibility. I will recommend Mettler to others.”
–Dianne T.

“I have shared with my doctor and many friends of the successful treatments I have received at Mettler. Not just with the treatment but the friendliness of the staff and also the convenience of location and parking.”
–Joan M.

“[The] Mettler Release Technique is a very effective treatment. I experienced great relief from my shoulder and neck pain.”
–Jean S.

“I had received physical therapy out of state before coming here and there was no comparison! The one-on-one hands-on therapy here made an enormous difference. No machines or aide-supervised exercises.”
–Janice K.

“The team you have worked with has done and outstanding job of increasing your range of motion and returning you to more normal function.”
–Kathy Miller, MD for patient Cindy C.

“Before adding massage we were making steady progress, but slowly. When massage cupping was added, we all felt the rate of progress increased dramatically.”
–Cindy C., post-radiation patient

“Megan was so great every time I came in. She explained my injury step-by-step and helped me work out my physical problems. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I really enjoyed the therapy I received from her and would recommend her to anyone.”
–Tera F.