A New Therapy

A New Form of Therapy

Over the past fifteen years, Paul R. Mettler, PT, DPT has developed a new method to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic injuries with outstanding results. The Mettler Method® allows for the successful identification and treatment of adhesive scar tissue.

Adhesive scar tissue formation is, in most cases, a major contributor of ongoing pain in the musculoskeletal system. Whether inflammation occurs from minor injury such as a mild muscle strain, or as a result of major surgery or trauma, the body develops scar tissue in an effort to heal. According to many experts, scar tissue can act like glue, causing independent tissues to adhere together. Movement that stretches or compresses those tissues causes pain.

Dr. Mettler has developed a unique and effective way to treat this scar tissue, the Mettler Release Technique®. Once the adhesive scar tissue has been treated, pain is often reduced or eliminated, and movement is usually restored. Consequently, normal strength can then be rebuilt. Perhaps the most significant benefits to this form of treatment are the objective, immediate, and long-lasting results. With over 15 years of proven research, the Mettler Method promises to be one of the most fundamental advancements in the rehabilitative field since the origin of physical therapy.

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